Officiating Your Unique Island Wedding

What is most important to you about your ceremony and wedding day?

Whatever size or style you choose, it is the careful, thoughtful planning and the atmosphere that create success. 

The wedding is a culmination of a relationship that is built by exploring deep themes within a light and joyous celebration. By listening and paying attention to details, it is my pleasure to help dreams come true and create a personalized ceremony that will touch the hearts of all your guests. 

Weaving into the ceremony what you admire and appreciate about each other and how you enjoy sharing your time together, shared interests, humor, and common values, the process is comfortable and fun, so your wedding reflects your unique relationship and leaves your guests more than satisfied. 

 Same sex weddings are celebrated.

I would be honored to be your wedding officiant. 

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Waterfall at Moran State Park
Island Weddings
Orcas Island
Didier Gincig, Wedding Officiant

"It is in loving, as well as being loved, that we most truly become ourselves. No matter what we do, say, accomplish, or become, it is our capacity to love that is most important."

  • Orcas Island offers a range of  picturesque settings such at Rosario Resort, Odd Fellows Hall (do-it-yourself style), the Outlook Inn, Victorian Valley Chapel, rustic Moran State Park ELC (where groups can rent out the entire place and have their lodging needs met in one fell swoop), various farms,.... I’ve enjoyed showing up at homes with stunning views to officiate weddings that are straight out of National Geographic, and outside locations in Moran State Park, such as the top of Mt. Constitution or Little Summit, by a waterfall, or tucked away by Mountain Lake. 
  • San Juan Island includes many picturesque settings such as Roche Harbor, where their staff defines quality, the Tucker House, where I have had the pleasure to officiate several elopements, Lime Kiln (where whales came out for a celebration after the vows); Friday Harbor House, 123 West; so many places in Friday Harbor. 
  • Lopez Island: I think back on the sounds of a bagpipe echoing at Watmough Bay and the charming feel of weddings on Lopez, such as at Edenwild.

Shout Out To Husbands

And Parents of Brides and Grooms

I would say that most initial contacts come from brides. I wonder why. The second contact usually includes both the bride and the groom (obviously this does not include same sex marriages). Usually the parents of the bride pay for the wedding and the parents of the groom (again, this is not including same sex couples) usually pays for the rehearsal dinner, if there is one. With couples getting married at a later age than in the past, many couples pay for their own weddings. Whatever case you may find yourself, here's a shout out to grooms and parents of the couple. As a husband who is now in our thirty-fifth year together, I enjoy sharing anything I can with grooms and brides that can be helpful and encouraging. It's not always easy, and it can sometimes feel like a roller coaster with twists and turns and ups and downs. However, from my experience, we rise back up from challenges that much stronger as a couple and as individuals. We make each other better people. Anything I can do by way of creating a wedding ceremony that speaks to your hearts and the hearts of your guests. Anything I can do to make your lives easier by helping with wedding planning and making sure all goes well at the wedding; that is a service that is important. We all want to support each other for what could be the biggest day of your lives. I'm all in with friendly enthusiasm. When we husband our relationship, the fruits of the harvest are friendship, love, support, connection, and so much more.

Sunset at Lopez Island

Sunset at Lopez Island