Events Planning & Coordination in the San Juan Islands

Company Gatherings


Rosario Resort, Roche Harbor Resort, Outlook Inn, and several other quality venues offer world class opportunities for your business gatherings. From picturesque locales to fine dining and evening recreational opportunities, and plenty of great places to meet and relax, we can help you explore options and come up with solutions and full service coordination. We are pleased to work with your event planners or your point people in a stress-free, friendly way.

Family Reunions & Gatherings


Would you like to plan a family reunion or gathering on Orcas Island, San Juan Island, or Lopez Island, There are many options for a family gathering in picturesque locations. Ease your mind by hiring an events planner to coordinate your family reunion. We can facilitate necessary equipment rentals and identify the best location. 

Birthday Gatherings


What a place to have a special  birthday celebration! We can help organize your birthday gathering of any size or length of stay. We're here to help you and your guests have the time of your lives in the San Juan Islands!

Misc. Special Events


Whatever you are dreaming of, let's see if we can help. Inquire about our shoulder season and winter season specials.

Why Have a Special Event in the San Juan Islands?


World class nature, interesting local culture, a wide array of accommodations, authentic human connection, opportunities to leave it all behind. We don't even have a traffic signal? It's not just all you get from a creative island destination, it's also what  you left behind n the city. As soon as you are on the ferry or looking down from a plane, you will begin to shed your worries behind. 

How Much Help Do We Offer?


We can organize and implement your special event with as much input and effort as you want. We'll make it happen! Feel free to let go and trust the logistics to professionals. If you are already working with a special events coordinator (or if you are a special events coordinator), great! Our insider knowledge and sense of place, connections with vendors and venues, will put us in a great position to work together for success!

We help with travel details, so when you and your guests arrive, you already have a great plan and are looking forward to the big day. For some guests, it may be the first time they see such a place as this. For others, it is a place that has grabbed their hearts, and they look forward to each return!

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